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Broadcast in a Box

In 2005, RTNDF’s High School Project put together a teacher’s toolbox called “Broadcast in a Box.” It consisted of three books, three discs and the RTNDA Code of Ethics. 

Response to the printed Broadcast in a Box was overwhelming, and we ran out of copies. Now we have most of Broadcast in a Box on the web. The best practices, updated Plugged-In, First Amendment lessons, Generation Next and student videos are here. Not here are the ethics video case studies, which were not available for online distribution.

Thanks to our partners including the Illinois Press Association Foundation and Copley First Amendment Center,  The Washington Post’s Young Journalists Development Program, Al Tomkins of the Poynter Institute and the many teachers, classes and journalists who provided material.

Introduction by Dale Russel, WAGA-TV

Great Ideas for Your Classroom Booklet


Chapter 1: Basics of Online Journalism
Chapter 2: Navigating the Internet
Chapter 3: Critical Thinking
Chapter 4: Legal Rights
Chapter 5: Protecting Your Privacy and Security Online
Chapter 6: Putting Your Content Online
Chapter 7: A Few Final Thoughts
Appendix A: Additional Resources
Appendix B: Journalism Organizations
Appendix C: RTNDA's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Appendix D: References

First Amendment Curriculum

Educational curriculum 
Teacher’s guide 
Pre & post test 
License agreement 
Newspaper license