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November, 2012

Stop the Presses! HSBJ is Back

After an eight-month hiatus, is back with a new year-end News Literacy PSA Contest called REALLY?

REALLY? is the first word that should come to mind when your students receive information -- from a text, a Tweet, their best friend, the New York Times, their mothers.

After that there are five quick questions that can help separate truth from fiction in the the deluge of information we have today. Before you believe (and expecially before you pass along) any information, ask REALLY?  Then ask:

1. Who Said It?

2. Can I Trust That Person?

3. Is That Person Prejudiced on This Subject?

4. Am I Biased on This Subject?

5. Where Can I Get More Reliable Information to Make My Own Decision About the Subject?

We've put together new lesson plans to go with the Al Tompkins REALLY? Webinar -- with lots of good video stories that would have never been broadcast if someone had just asked REALLY?

Contest Deadline is December 20, 2011

But Wait There's More...

Candace Bowen of Kent State University has produced a new, NewsU course using the REALLY? approach.  There are interactive lessons and lots of examplesCheck it out.

                                         -- Carol Knopes